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How to play online games


With the level of technological sophistication we as humans have achieved thus far the possibilities for enjoying online games have never been vaster and one’s access to them has never been easier. Online games come in many different flavors; from multiplayer games to premium brand name titles you can buy online, to games that you can play through your mobile phone, to free varieties that you can access without having to install- your options are endless.

Our guide below is aimed at helping you understand how to get started playing and will also discuss how playing games can benefit your mind

Note that our games at EmuGames are compatible with any browser that you may be using and you won’t have to worry about having the most updated version of Adobe. Amongst our most important aims will always include maximizing your convenience.

A fun way to get smarter

One aspect of online gaming that isn’t mentioned as much as it should be is how good they can be for our cognitive development on top of being an uplifting source of fun. Some games are great for boosting your focus and attention span, others will do wonders for your creativity and out of the box thinking, some sharpen your strategic thinking and organizational skills; the ways in which playing online games can help us grow as individuals is truly limitless and understated. There are numerous reputable studies online attesting to this which you may look up on your own time.

To name one classic example, it has been known for quite some time now that playing Chess can keep away degenerative brain issues such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. There is no shortage of points of view you can find online attesting to this. This also makes intuitive sense because we know that the more of a certain brain region or function you use, the more it will be strengthened via the growth of new brain cells specific to that brain region. The more you repeat a certain mental habit, the more the brain will be rewired to reinforce it.

Choosing your game and getting started

EmuGames neatly divides its online gaming attractions into various genres, such as action, strategy, racing, arcade games and more. Our goal is to ensure that you can go very deep in exploring whichever gaming category resonates with your temperament and with that end in mind we will be continuously adding new games to each genre. What we would like to continually refine are the possibilities for you to craft your very own epic gaming sessions.

You may browse the featured games of each category on the main site page or you may take a deeper look by clicking on the ‘view all’ option of your genre of choice. You can see that each of the games has a thumbnail that gives a visual preview of the game; once you click to play a particular game you may then read the guide on how to play which is displayed at the bottom of each game. Next, you simply need to know the key controls for the game, which shouldn’t take long, then you’re good to go!

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